8 Weeks • 9 Steps • 5 Shifts to
Your Personal 24hr Transformational Breakthrough

 Eliminate Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs Caused by Depression, PTSD, Past Trauma and/or Abuse
So You Can Feel More Loved and Totally Empowered, Without Additional Mediations or Years at the Therapist!
If you Think You have Tried it all And Failed…
Then this course is DEFINITELY for YOU!

Liana Goffman – Your Instructor
The #1 International Best Selling Author of How to Let it Go.

A highly sought after Keynote speaker, Teacher, and Licensed Master Practitioner
in Eliminating Negative Emotions
and Limiting Beliefs.

Specialize in helping my clients make the shift from despair to empowerment!

What You Are Going to Learn:

FOUNDATION: A $14,000 Value

  • Understanding the Unconscious Mind

  • Identify the Main Problem

  • Determine your Desired Outcome




  • Create a New Positive Reality

  • Eliminate it at the ROOT

  • Be Sure it aligns with your Core Values

TOOLS: A $28,000 Value

  • Learn the Tools of NLP
    (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • Learn MY Secret WEAPON
    (Rapid Timeline Release Technique)

  • Experience Ho’oponopono
    (Forgivness Meditation)

  •         SO YOU CAN



  • Anchor and Reprogram the best and positive responses to any upcoming issues

  • Eliminate Unwarranted Negative Emotions

  • Forgive yourself and others who did not react or respond in an appropriate way or the way you would have liked them to

RESULTS: A $22,000 Value

  • Go Through Several Meditations

  • Create the correct path to your desired future

  • Put it all Together




  • Start programing a new way of thinking into your unconscious mind

  • Set Yourself up for Future Success

  • Have a complete Transformational Breakthrough in under 24 hours and Achieve Total Empowerment


NO MORE Negative Emotions Building Up Inside of You, Continually Provoking You to Either Escape or Explode.

… Having Positive Motivation to EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY Spring Out of Bed in the Morning with Joy and Excitement.

…Finally being able to confidently SHARE YOUR BRILLIANCE, knowing that whenever or wherever you appear,

YOU ARE ENOUGH (or more!) and never letting the past stop you from getting in your own way!

If This Sounds Too Good To Be True…. Believe Me, I thought so, too!

Yet, Studies have shown,

All this is Now Possible.

• Overcome your limiting beliefs and enhance your self-confidence

Let go of the past and experience more happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind

• Put an end to self-sabotaging patterns and step into your power

Learn to forgive yourself and others so you can experience emotional freedom

“I was SO sad until I met with Liana. She helped me realize I was not living my life according to my values….After our session I was able to leave my comfort zone, move to a new town, find a new job, and found a healthy relationship. I’m now very, very, happy! Without the help of Liana, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Ana Luisa –
Mexico City, MX

“I absolutely love NLP. I love Liana and she helped me SO MUCH to overcome my self-doubt and insecurities. She helped me to realize “I AM ENOUGH”. I can and I do deserve all the good things in life, and she helped me set my goals and I’m already on my may to achieving them. Thank You Liana!!!!”

Monica Conté –
Cabo San Lucas, MX

“Enjoying a beautiful day after a breakthrough with Liana. Feeling relaxed and free. It’s a breath of fresh air not having constant anxiety! Truly an amazing experience.”

Roxanne –
San Diego, CA

“Having read Liana’s book it stirred up a lot of different emotions in me as a father, a former police officer and a friend. As a father I was always taught that you protect your children from both physical and mental abuse. You are their protector, that nobody is allowed in any way, shape or form to harm your children or any other child for that matter in any way. As a police officer I got to witness first hand the abuse that people will inflict both mentally and physically on others, especially on children. It’s sad that our laws on both sides of the border are so lenient on these offenders. As a friend and father I can’t understand how any father could let such crap happen to his daughter. Her book is an interesting read and a great learning experience of what it was like for Liana growing up and how she was able to overcome these atrocities in her life. I salute her for her courage in overcoming these things, but also in her bravery to share them with the world. So if you know someone who’s suffering any kind of mental or physical abuse give them a copy of her book, “How to Let it Go”, and let them know there is hope for them. That all is not lost. May GOD bless you and keep you safe.”

John D. Allen –

“Wow!!! She’s good. I didn’t expect to feel so much different (better). Liana helped me to realize that I had the strength to move forward and give up what was bad for me and take the necessary steps to move forward towards my amazing future.”

Deborah & Tonya –
Orange County, CA

Shout out to Liana Goffman. Let me explain…During the past few months I have experienced the passing of my dad after caring for him 2 weeks on the hospital, then 2 weeks at home during Hospice. The day after his memorial my daughter went into premature labor and at 27 weeks (3 months early) my sweet grandson Ezekiel was born 1lb 14 oz. He blessed our lives for 7 days. He is now my angel grandson.
I then found my self stuck…do I help my mom, or my daughter and I need to get back to work..as I had to take a break for almost 3 months.
Liana sent me a comforting message and offered her help. We setup a call…and I explained to her that I was struggling, not knowing where to put my attention resulting in me being stuck.
Within a 15 minute phone call…she was able to provide me with some guidance and tools. All I can say is “Wow”, it was the craziest feeling ever…I felt this huge relief. I’m not stuck anymore, I’m moving forward one day at a time, taking one step at a time.
Thank you Liana, from the bottom of my heart. I encourage all of you, if you or a friend are struggling with moving forward after a traumatic life experience reach out to Liana.

Donna Ezechilels Holcombe –
Carlsbad, CA

Exceptional, Cutting Edge Services including Timely Support

Change can happen in an instant. Utilizing the most advanced NLP tools, techniques, and integrative psychology our team will help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible. When you know your values and have them aligned with your thoughts, you become focused like a laser beam moving towards your target. Your Results are Guaranteed!

Clear Communication by Licensed Professionals

With more than 2 million bits of information bombarding our nervous system at any given moment, we are only process 126 bits at a time. Our team helps you filter out the negative and keep specific bits that help you achieve the success you desire.

We Provide the Highest Standards with True Dedication

With years of study and practical application, our team uses clinically and academically researched, cutting edge techniques, rooted in Integrative Health Psychology. Our Joint mission is to Help Empower each of our clients.

Innovative Solutions + Advanced Technology

An outside perspective often helps identify the negative patterns we are currently using. Our team has been trained to identify these patterns and apply a “pattern interrupt” at the precise time necessary to break the pattern for good. Then we install and help you to apply a more positive strategy for future use.

The above is valued at over $134,000

TOTAL Value of Self Empowerment = Priceless!!!

Do negative emotions somehow keep you “stuck” with no insight for how to get back on track?

No more guessing. Now you can become aware of the missing key that the “Law of Attraction” and all the “self-help” books have left out. You will learn about The Mental Disassociation Timeline Release Technique, a State of the Art therapy that disassociates a traumatic event from the negative emotion it originally triggered. After identifying the root cause, a lesson can be learned, and then the emotional trigger disengaged.

Watch our Master Class to learn about the 5 Shifts Need to Love Yourself More and Create Total Empowerment! and then

Sign up for a Complimentary Strategy Session where we will gain complete clarity on what emotional triggers are problematic.
We are going to get you clear on three things: 

1)Which negative emotions and limiting beliefs you need to completely eliminate  

2)  The exact desires and goals that you have been unable to accomplish because of being stuck, and 

3)  Provide a step by step plan on how to get you to exactly who you want BE, what you want to DO, and what you would like to HAVE.

It’s time to imagine what it will feel like to become totally empowered!